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Femap is an CAD and solver independend advanced engineering simulation software program that creates finite element analysis models of complex engineering products and systems, and displays solution results. Femap can virtually model any type of components, assemblies or systems and determine the behavioral response for any given operating environment, with total control of the FE model.


Femap is CAD-independent and can access geometry data from all major CAD systems such as CATIA, Creo, NX, Solid Edge, SolidWorks, HiCAD and Inventor. Once imported you can prepare the model for analysis using the geometry locator to identify and display potentially troublesome entities and either remove them completely with the geometry cleanup tools or suppress them.


Solver Neutral

Femap is solver-neutral and provides in-depth pre- and postprocessing support for all of the main solvers on the market, including Nastran, Ansys, LS-DYNA and Abaqus. You can take full advantage of the advanced analysis capabilities of these solvers using Femap’s comprehensive modeling and analysis support.


Integration with NX Nastran

Within Femap it is possible to directly define & control most aspects of the NX Nastran simulation. From controlling the solution options, keyword settings, specific job controls (such as DMAP), case controls (load and constraint definition), model checking (weight and ground checks), and detailed result generation requests.


Beam Modeling

Besides solid and shell element models Femap also supports beam modeling and meshing. This allows constructions to be represented by one-dimensional elements with associated properties.
Femap features a section property editor which includes a library of standard cross-section shapes. You can also define your own sections, and the built-in section property calculator automatically determines the required properties.


A wealth of visualization capabilities help you view and interpret the results to quickly understand the model behavior. You’ll find everything you need to view and interpret the output data. Complete access to results data is provided through the Data Table pane, which you can use to gather, sort and control the amount and type of data that is visible, to compile an analysis report.


Finite Element Meshing

Femap’s 3D solid and surface meshers are tuned to generate high-quality meshes, providing well-shaped elements to ensure accurate results. Femap gives you full control over all mesh generation parameters including mesh sizing, meshing of small features, growth factors, short edge suppression, etc. With complex geometry, modification of the mesh is often required in areas where greater accuracy is desired. For this situation Femap’s Meshing Toolbox allows you to interactively modify mesh sizing parameters on the underlying geometry, and see the mesh update automatically. You can also view element quality feedback live while modifying the mesh, to ensure that a high-quality finite element model is created.


Composite Modeling

The use of composite materials in designs has increased significantly in recent years, and Femap can help you model and postprocess results on composite structures. With Femap’s a laminate editor and viewer, you can update the laminate properties interactively as you create and modify plies in the laminate.
You can also postprocess composite laminate results using Femap’s global composite ply feature, which allows you to view results on continuous plies through the structural model.
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