SDC Verifier

SDC Verifier enhances Femap with a new functionality. Together they provide an accepted and sound solution for verification of constructions.

Advanced Report Generation System

Creation of complete structural reports becomes a lot easier with the wizard based report generation system. The full calculation procedure can be quickly documented with standard reports and fully customized with the “report designer”.

Save all settings in a report profile and the model properties, the complete calculation results and the different checks can easily be generated or regenerated. Reviewing the effect of design changes has never been easier, just regenerate the report and compare the results.

Last but not least is the “open as a template” function that offers the possibility to re-use the full calculation procedure including the documentation on another Femap model.

SDCVerifier report

A Design Code Based Calculation Structure

Instead of focusing on the total load set, SDC Verifier separately calculates the influences of different individual loads on the structure. The overall response of a structure in real life situations is retrieved by combining the outcome of these individual loads into load sets.

With even a small number of individual loads as a basis, over 1000 load sets can be generated using different partial load factors. The calculation time remains limited because the CPU usage is based on the much lower number of individual loads.

SDCVerifier interface

Structural Checks

By grouping these results, envelope results as maximum deflection or maximum stress can be reviewed. SDC Verifier offers built-in checks for complicated phenomena such as fatigue damage or plate buckling. Also available is a formula editor for complete customizable checks.

SDC Verifier together with Femap makes the calculation procedure more transparent and facilitates checking of a complete set of load cases that the structure is likely to have to endure. Verifying Structural Design Codes has never been so easy.