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Femto Employee Profile: FEA in High-Tech

Watze Mandema

In this post we put the spotlight on Watze Mandema, account manager at Femto Engineering, as part of our series to introduce people who help shape our company. Take a moment to read about Watze’s experiences and learn a thing or two about FEA in the high-tech industry.

Full Name: Watze Mandema
First Day at Femto: December 3, 2018
Title: Account Manager

What is your background?

Even though a large part of my career has been in technical sales I’m an engineer at heart. I graduated in electronics and continued my studies in medical and nuclear technology at the TU Delft. Deconstructing engineering problems is very satisfactory for me, especially if I can translate customers needs into sound solutions that solves their problems. This is what draws me to technical sales.

What attracted you to this position at Femto Engineering?

Several things, but a few really stand out. One is the variety of the customer base. I like that I have to deal with all kind of companies who all have unique engineering approaches. This challenges me to keep up with new developments and applications. Another thing that I like that is the team: very enthusiastic, capable and not afraid of responsibility. Lastly, I was hired to promote CAE in the high-tech industry. This industry is my home base. I understand the needs of these customers well and am therefore an experienced sparring partner.

What are developments in the High-Tech industry relevant to CAE?

Critical conditions in high tech systems require specific environments that need to be mapped out. A single physics approach will not suffice. A combination of methods, such as FEA and CFD is needed to analyze structural, dynamics, statics, magnetics, flow, thermal and cooling aspects in unison. While systems become more complex, time to market pressure increases. Both developments stimulate the gathering of quick, but valuable design insights. CAE plays herein a major role.

How do engineers and designers approach CAE issues in the High-Tech industry?

Most large companies have in house FEA expertise. They really embrace FEA as a tool to shorten the engineering phase and for Technical Product Documentation (TPD) and CE-marking purposes. CE-marking signals the product has been assessed to meet high safety, health, and environmental protection requirements and can be sold in Europe.

However, not all structures need FEA, truth is that FEA most of the time only adds real value for large, complex or unusual situations. For simple projects simple models and calculations will suffice. For some high tech companies FEA is still a new kind of approach. My role is to help these customers navigate the value of FEA for their products and to inform them about this tool.

What are your interests outside of work?

Community service is important to me. I serve in the Dutch army as a reservist and I play an active role in local politics in my hometown Oegstgeest. I am member of the city council and serve in the executive committee of this council: the Presidium.

Thanks for reading this post! If you are interested in our services or want to come in contact with Watze, please do not hesitate to contact us.

april 11, 2019
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