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Femap in maritime – part 5

Sumitomo Heavy Industries Ltd. brings design and analysis together with Femap

Building large tankers for a market that’s more and more demanding is no easy feat. Sumitomo Heavy Industries knows this. They are specialized in building mid-sized tankers and have built over 1,300 ships since its establishment in 1897. Nine years ago they decided to introduce Femap in their company. Read about what drove them to make this decision and how it has changed the way the company operates in this section of our ‘Femap in maritime’ series.

The big switch

The Strucure Design Group is responsible for a lot of operations when it comes to building a ship. From the ship’s key plans, to all sorts of performance and vibration calculations. Previously only highly skilled members of the staff were able to perform calculations and Sumitomo was looking for a tool that designers could use as well. They chose Femap because of its ease of use and performance/cost ratio. Now the staff works together to perform both the design and analysis tasks.  Another advantage is that calculations can now be visually confirmed, which makes it more intuitive and easier to use for inexperienced engineers.

Now the planning, development and analysis stages are combined. This bears a lot of benefits. When it comes to verifying the strength of the ship, the results can already confirm the strength of the ship in an early phase. This makes it easier for engineers to determine what the limits of the design are and where reinforcements may be necessary. Another benefit is that it makes documentation easier, since it visualizes the results of the analysis. Documentation is an important part of certification, which is required for every operating ship.

Finally, Femap helps Sumitomo keep up with the ever changing rules of the maritime industry. Especially when it comes to safety, fuel efficiency and environmental issues, regulations have become more and more demanding. This means that designs have to keep improving and the amount analysis work is increasing. Since Femap is so intuitive and easy to learn, Sumitomo has been able to keep up with this demand and remain a large player in the maritime industry.


 “We hope to be able to handle more analysis work by using Femap, which is easy even for designers to operate.” 

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oktober 8, 2019
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