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Femto Academy Days 2022

Special offer alert! We at Femto Engineering want to enable innovation and make sure we share our knowledge as much as possible. We cleared our schedule to do just that during our special Academy days to give a crash course through our lifetime of learning program.

About Femto Academy Days

Because we are celebrating our 25th anniversary, we wanted to do something special for you. We have organized the special Femto Academy Days which is a one day training course focused on

Simcenter Femap,

Simcenter 3D and/or

Simcenter STAR-CCM+.

We will go through all the stages of our lifetime of learning journey looking at for example the new features of the software.


Practical information

WhatGo through lifetime of learning with Simcenter Femap, Simcenter 3D and Simcenter STAR-CCM+. During this day you will learn how to leverage the latest features, extend your in-depth knowledge and obtain valuable on-the-job tips and trics.
WhereAt our Delft office (Oude Delft 137)
HowFor one day, we will give you a full course going through several topics to refresh your knowledge on the software.
Costs500 euro per person per day/course for users with an active maintenance contract via Femto.
750 euro per person per day/course for users without an active maintenance contract via Femto.
Lunch is included.

Please note: we only have limited places for the Academy Days and will held a first come first serve policy. To be assured that you will profit of this special deal, please register as soon as possible through the form below.

Simcenter Femap

Simcenter Femap, part of Siemens Digital Industries Software Simcenter product portfolio, is one of the best-known FEA solutions. For the past two years, several new features are introduced to optimize your workflow. During the Femap Academy days we will highlights new features, look further into non-linear analyses and answer your specific questions.

Simcenter 3D

Simcenter 3D is a fully integrated simulation platform for modeling, simulating and analyzing engineering products and systems. But how do you set up a certain simulations? During the Simcenter 3D Academy Days we like to show you the workflow, how to set up an assemblyfem and lastly some hexmeshing. Essentials in Simcenter 3D you want to more about.

Simcenter STAR-CCM+

You have probably seen our CFD-Tuesday where we show you special CFD analysis made in Simcenter STAR-CCM+. During our STAR-CCM+ Academy days, we will give a short tour through the software, show you how the postproccessing works (how we make our cool CFD Tuesday simulations) and answer your specific questions.

Registering Academy Days

The Femto Academy ddays are the ultimate time to gain extra knowledge in a short period of time. Besides that, our trainings and trainers have been assessed with a 9/10 average for years. You cannot and must not miss this opportunity. As mentioned before, we only have a couple spots available for these Academy Days so don’t forget to register.

Registration no longer possible

juli 12, 2022
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